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Spanish class

Well, I am gonna talk in my very great perfection english for give some spanishation classes for all the good friends that who wants to learn the language of Cervantes, Quevedo, Lope de Vega, and William Shakespeare. (This post is very to influenciated for the video of great things to say for pick up a girl.)

1. A great phrase in spanish for make a big party is Mañana hay peces en el cielo.
2. If you wanted to impress a pretty girls, you can tell Me sé las tablas de multiplicar.
3. When you go to an interview of job, say to the boss No traje mi carta de antecedentes penales.
4. For ask to the go to the bathroom just say ¿Alguno de ustedes entendió a Lezama Lima? and then run the fastest you can!

Just some lessons, thanks you for your time and goody bye.

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